50 Playwrights Project

The 50 Playwrights Project is a digital resource for Latin@ theatre and a virtual home for the voices of Latin@ playwrights created by Dr. Trevor Boffone.

The 50 Playwrights Project is engaged in providing accessible information about contemporary Latin@ theatre artists. This project serves as a dramaturgical and pedagogical database for artists, educators, scholars, and students who are looking for more online information about playwrights: where are they from, how do they identify, what are they working on, what advice would they give to aspiring artists, and links to relevant online resources.

The project’s name is a throwback to its original mission: to simply interview 50 playwrights. Inspired by Adam Szymkowicz’s “I Interview Playwrights” series, the first iteration of the project featured 50 short, to-the-point interviews with contemporary playwrights working in the Latin@ theatre movement. While 50PP still interviews playwrights, our mission has expanded to include more varied content as well as to provide new play development support for emerging playwrights.

In March 2017, we published our list of the best unproduced Latin@ plays, a list of 8 plays and 2 honorable mentions selected from a national call that saw us receive over 65 submissions. We intend for this to become an annual feature of 50PP.

The goals of the 50 Playwrights Project are to:

  • Change the conversation about the American Theatre to include more Latin@ voices
  • Provide accessible information for those interested in learning more about contemporary Latin@ playwrights
  • Create a space to explore the diversity of experiences and identities within the spectrum of Latinidad
  • Support the work of Latin@ playwrights
  • Promote ethnic, racial, and gender equity in theatre
  • Connect theatre artists

Since launching in February of 2016, the 50 Playwrights Project has been featured in Theatre Topics, Houston PressOff and On: A New York Theatre Podcast, Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say, Out Smart Magazine, the Latinx Theatre Commons Monthly Digest, Adam Szymkowicz’s I Interview Playwrights, The Cougar, The Modular, and more.


The Latinx Theatre Commons Carnaval of New Latina/o Work (Photo Credit: Michael Courier)