“Angel of the People Mover” by Emilio Rodriguez

50 Playwrights Project with support from Stages Repertory Theatre presents a free staged reading of Emilio Rodriguez’s Angel of the People Mover

Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at Stages Repertory Theatre

The Play

As we move into an era of trans-acceptance, where is the line between love and acceptance? Angel of the People Mover follows Maya, a young Black trans woman, on her journey to find love in the people she meets, the friends she makes, the family she belongs to, and ultimately herself. As Maya comes of age, she is left with imprints from the people who shape her identity. Against the backdrop of hate, intolerance, and misunderstanding, how will she learn to love herself… fiercely?

The Playwright

Emilio Rodriguez is a playwright whose career started at the age of 2 while performing one-kid show adaptations of The Wizard of Oz in his parents’ living room using a broom, a funnel and a pair of his mama’s high heels. He has since gone on to have productions at Stages Repertory Theatre, Milagro Theatre, Teatro del Pueblo, Theatre Nova, and Teatro Prometeo and readings in Houston, Austin, Chicago, and New York. Emilio has received several accomplishments including the 2018 Kresge Artists in Detroit fellowship for playwriting, the Robert Chesley/Victor Bumbalo Foundation playwriting award, and his play Swimming While Drowning was a finalist for Best New Script for the 2017 Portland Theatre Drammy Awards. He was also a nominee for the 2016 Seattle Public Theater’s Emerald Prize. Of all his accomplishments, Emilio’s most surprising was when a cashier at Panera gave him a free meal because the cashier loved Emilio’s play Mamacita.

The Details

The staged reading of Angel of the People Mover will take place on Sunday, October 7 at 6:00 p.m. at Stages Repertory Theatre (3201 Allen Parkway, Houston TX 77019).

This is a FREE staged reading. This is not a ticketed event.

The Cast and Crew
Director: Abigail Vega
Dramaturg: Trevor Boffone
Stage Manager: Christian Rodriguez
Actors: Anna María Morris, Laura Moreno, Callina Anderson, Natalia Silvani, Gabriel Regojo, Juan Sebastian Cruz, Fong Chau, Anjana Menon