“Felon Known” by Marissa Castillo

50 Playwrights Project with support from Stages Repertory Theatre presents a free staged reading of Marissa Castillo’s Felon Known

Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at Stages Repertory Theatre

The Play

The recidivism rate for felons without higher level education is 55%. John, a high school dropout, has just been released from prison after ten years. Felon Known highlights the struggles he encounters with a society who only sees the red F on his record, a family who’s dynamic has changed, and the temptation for quick cash.

The Playwright

Marissa Castillo is a theatre artist based in Houston, Texas. She is the co-founder and Marketing and Communication Director of TEATRX– A Latinx Theatre Company. She is passionate about creating and participating in work that showcases the diversity that was missing from the screen and stage in her youth. ​In addition to acting. Marissa is a budding playwright. She is currently working on a play that highlights the hardships ex-convicts face following their release from prison. 

The Details

The staged reading of Felon Known will take place on Sunday, September 9 at 6:00 p.m. at Stages Repertory Theatre (3201 Allen Parkway, Houston TX 77019).

This is a FREE staged reading. This is not a ticketed event.

The Cast and Crew
Director: Benito Vasquez
Dramaturg: Trevor Boffone
Stage Manager: Christian Rodriguez
Actors: Aelohim Balthrop, Cynthia Leal, Anna María Morris, Mai Le, Rodrick Randall, Luke Fedell, Fabian Cortez, Cinthya Hernandez