Silvia Vera-Huesca

Name: Silvia Vera-Huesca

Hometown: Monterrey Nuevo León, México

Current Town: Xalapa, Veracruz, México

Affiliations: UTRGV Latino Theatre Initiative, WAKE UP poetry group, Girandova producciones

Q: How do you self-identify?

A: Mexican

Q: Tell me about Amor a la medida.

A: Amor a la medida. The play is about a guy and a girl who meet on a website and finally decide to meet at a hotel. When they meet up they realize that they are husband and wife. It was a trap from the husband who thought that his wife was cheating on him. It’s a comedy.

Q: What else are you working on now?

A: I recently started a production company in México. We produce short movies and plays. So far, we have produced 3 short films and 3 plays. We are working on our 4th short movie.

I am a college professor at two universities and I am also finishing another master’s degree in Cinematography.

Q: What have been the defining moments of your journey as a playwright?

A: When my mentor Emilio Carballido gave me critiques of the first play that I wrote. When I got robbed in Perú and they took the first draft of my thesis (in paper, with no other copy), the day I had my first paid writing job.

Q: Who have been your playwriting mentors and heroes?

A: Emilio Carballido, Edna Ochoa, Elena Garro, Martín Zapata, and many others.

Q: What advice do you have for Latin@ playwrights at the beginning of their career?

A: Never stop dreaming, never stop writing

Q: What else should we know about you?

A: I started to write plays because I was considered a bad actress and nobody would invite me to their projects, back in the college days. I started producing my own plays and readings because some people wouldn’t invite me to their readings and fancy events. I think it takes courage to decide to dedicate your life to the arts; it’s not an easy road, it’s hard and the more you get involved, the harder it gets, but it will give you a lot of satisfaction and believe it or not, it will make you happy.

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